Anna-Lena Makowski
Secretary - Treasurer

Anna-Lena has over 30 years of experience in orthopedic research, and credited with over fifteen peer-reviewed articles and three book chapters. She has worked with Dr. Ouellette and Dr. Latta since 1990, and is currently the Director of Research at The Ouellette Group in Miami. There she manages clinical research projects, maintains institutional review board oversight for the projects, and manages writing of grant applications for both government and private sources. Instructing medical students and research volunteers to plan and conduct their own research has always been a gratifying part of her work.

At Upwelling, Anna-Lena is the current secretary and treasurer. She has previous experience with nonprofit organizations, such as the North Country Ballet Ensemble (NCBE) from 2009-2014. There she was the Chairman of the Funding Committee, raising resources through donations from small businesses and crowd sourcing each year.