Program participants participate in on-going clinical and/or biomedical engineering research projects where the abstract concepts of the classroom are applied to the real problems encountered. Participants are challenged to find solutions while getting instructions on

  • Legal requirement and responsibilities in clinical studies
  • Study design for clinical or biomechanical studies
  • Statistical analysis
  • Interpretation of results
  • Scientific writing for journals and/or scientific meetings
While working on projects students get encourgment and guidance from peers, students above or below them, and from professionals. This informal "vertical and horizontal" mentoring supplements the one-on-one interaction with Dr. Ouellette and/or Dr. Latta, who oversee the quality of the research being done and provide personal and professional development, academic counseling, and career planning in either the field of medicine or engineering.

Students participating will be included in manuscripts or presentations while following ICJME recommendations. They are encouraged to list their research experience with us on their CV which may help them stand out in a field of well qualified applicants.

Informal mentoring often takes place in the lab while working on projects. We call this “vertical and horizontal mentoring” as students get advice from peers, students above or below them and from professionals.