Loren L. Latta, P.E., Ph.D.

Curriculum Vitae

VI.  Teaching

Visiting Professorships


Baylor College of Medicine, Dept. of Orthopaedics
Houston Texas
July 2000

Unfall Krankenhaus Berlin
Department of Trauma
Berlin, Germany
Nov 1997

Baylor College of Medicine
Department of Orthopaedics
Houston, Texas
March 1992

University of Texas
Southwestern Meidcal Center
Dallas, Texas
Nov 1991

Univ. of Texas/Health Science Center at Houston
Div. of Orthop.
Houston, Texas
Aug 1991

Univ. of Southern California
Dept. of Orthop. and Rehab.
Los Angeles, California
Dec 1979

Brown University
Division of Orthopaedics
Providence, Rhode Island
Sept 1985

Teaching Awards Received:

Teaching Specialization (courses taught):

Departmental Sponsored Postgraduate Courses, Seminars and Workshops

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Instructional & Postgraduate Courses

Residency Program:
    Clinical and Laboratory Research Studies
    Basic Science Conferences (4 per year)
    Grand Rounds
    Special Fracture Clinic

Medical & Engineering Students: Research projects thesis and dissertation advising

Biomedical Engineering Medical Devices and Materials Course - 2 sessions yearly on Orthopaedic Devices

Biomedical Engineering Course on Biomaterials - 1 session yearly on Orthopaedic Materials

Biomedical Engineering Course on Implant Devices - 1 session yearly on Orthopaedic devices

Physical Therapy Masters students - 1 session yearly on diagnosis, treatment of fractures

Physical Therapy PhD students - 1 session yearly on biomechanics of musculo-skeletal system

Biomedical Engineering, BME378 - Biomechanics, 2001 fall semester

Thesis and Dissertation Advising/Post-doctoral student supervision
    (chairman or committee member; topic; student name; date):
    M.S. and PhD Committees and projects: Biomedical Engineering,, Industrial Engineering and some non-US universities:

Completed: Linda Beckerman, MS, Mark Lubin, MS, Rosemary Serbent, MS, David Holmes, MS, Anthony Ricco, MS, Eric Brand, MS, Haseeb Jabbar, M S, Hesham Eldeeb, PhD, Mark M azloff, M S, Claudia Jackson, M S, Heinrich Böhm, M D, PhD, Marisol Bonilla, M S, Rony Abovitz, M S, Davina Jerassy, Deborah Brown, MS, Valerie Franz, M S, Jose Rodriguez, MS, Fumahiro Yoshimine, MD, Norio Kawahara, MD, PhD, Adham Ismail, PhD, Wissal Awad, MS, Christian Gaebler, MD, Jin-Young Lee, MD, Sucha Lee, MD, Dawn Elliot, PhD, Philip DeSolet, MS, Dirk Richter, MD, PhD

In process: George Varkarakis, MD, Evon Hollis
    Other students and fellows who have worked on projects in our laboratories under my direction:

Uli Schmucker, MD, Thierry ??, Jason Levine, Astushi Ono, M D, Fumero Yoshimine, MD, Norio Kawahara, MD, PhD, Tomoyuki Akamaur, MD, PhD, Takahiro Iizuka, MD, Sadatoshi Kato, MD, Katsumi Nakamura, M D, Peter Ostermann, MD, Hidehiko Hagiwara, MD, Satoro Siatoh, MD, Reuban Gebstein, MD, Andrew Cree, MD, Heinrich Ströhm, MD, M.A. Hajianpour, MD, Ann Wachsmuth, MD, Daveed Frazer, MD, Gregory Markarian, MD, Mitchel Silverman, MD, Nestor Javech, MD, Donald Mullis, MD, John Shafer, MD, Marion Wolf, MD, Steven Swirsky, DO, Howard Richter, MD, William Leon, MD, Fredrick Shoen, MD, Ghen Sugimoto, Gosha Brusovanik